About Us

MEGAMAX NV is specialized in all kinds of lifting and hoisting. In order to be able to execute all projects to the very highest standards, we offer a large and brand new fleet of mobile cranes ranging from 30 up to 700 tons. Our field of operations spreads over various sectors such as construction, power, telecommunication, petrochemical, steel and so many more.
Next to lifting, Megamax also offers a full service, ranging from providing auxiliary material such as steel plates, dragline’s, spreaders, and walkie-talkies, to applying for police permits and the placing of necessary traffic signs. Being a lifting company we consider safety as one of our top priorities. All our projects are therefore executed in conformity with VCA* requirements.
VCA* not only compromises standards for issues like safety rules on the job, but also focuses at training to adopt these standards as a never ending necessity for every employee. This strategy enhances our image as a safe and reliable partner that offers its employees a safe, interesting and motivating working environment.

Should you have a lifting problem now or in the near future, call us, our engineering department will be happy to assist you by making a lifting plan, risk analysis, etc.. We are at your disposal –wherever, whenever, under all circumstances. We take pride in being of service. We solve your problems.

We Carry Your Load!